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Work hard without planning? Lets not work to live.

The fund houses that our Investment-linked Policies Invest into.

Baillie Gifford
Baillie Gifford
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Its a common term that people used. And financial planning or budgeting has everything to do for what you wish to achieve in the future.


We do our individual part in auditing and verifying our budget plan. While we may not have the complete discipline to follow through, checking and auditing allow us to have the room for modification and improvement.


For every single dollar we pledge to save to our budget, we do hope that this dollar work harder by itself. There are varying ways to do a sound investment plan and it takes courage and patience to find one that suits your risk appetite and lifestyle.

About Smart Retirement

Smartretirement.sg is established to provide sound and professional information for locals to understand, acknowledge & pursue your retirement goals with a reasonable plan. Armed with years of experiences in serving clients in the aspect of retirement planning, we are confident and capable of offering a sound plan, if not alternative planning towards your retirement goals. 

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