Retirement Perspectives of Retirement

June 6, 2020by admin0

I have a dream and wish to fulfill it.

This is a concept every person will have since young. While we are always looking forward to complete our wish list, have it ever come across to your mind that those items on the wish list can be completed when you reach your desire age ? This should be what retirement be about.

As an avid sport lover, i always wanted to have the capacity to improve our local sports fraternity. I have a dream. I do hope that in the future, i will be able to invest, support and help local athletes to achieve their global dominance, via financial means. Thats what retirement is all about.

In order to achieve such retirement goals, i have to understand exactly what the world will be like in 20 years time. Will it be more costly ? Will my income suffer a drop ? Will my job stability be affected? Or will i face an insurmountable task to continue contribute to my employer or clients ?

Future cannot be predicted. Thats why we planned ahead. Thats why retirement planning is vital. Indeed, retirement planning has been widely used commercially that when it comes to retirement planning, it is all about buying endowment plans, insurance plans which provide you with a guaranteed flow of income, provided you start saving now. As a normal consumer, there are always underlying questions and skepticism about such plans.

Will the insurance companies go bust ? How am i supposed to trust that the returns insurance companies provided for my plan is of genuine interest to me ?

These questions, i can only answer for myself. As the saying goes, there is no free lunch in this world. But to start achieving my retirement goals, It will be the best to have someone to sit down with me, go through my targets, ,current situations, rate of returns in order to achieve my goals before choosing the financial instruments to achieve the goals.



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