By doing a basic retirement planning, everyone will be able to have a savings of SGD 1.5 million when we reach 65 years. However, such is just a basic planning when there are not any mishaps or misfortune that can result in a loss of savings.
Gross Income SGD 4200
Take Home Income SGD 3360
CPF In Ordinary Account (Inclusive of Employer Share) 966
CPF in Special Account (Inclusive of Employer Share) 251.90
Savings Per month 484
CPF Returns at age 65 Ordinary @ 2.5% (accrued monthly) 541,965
CPF Returns at age 65 Special Account @ 4.5% (accrued monthly) 779,101
Savings @ 1.0% 210,975
Total Retirement Savings Available at Age 65 1,532,401

Above data is derived from a client, age 34 in 2020. Assumption is based on, CPF amount is not withdrawn for Flat/House Purchase.

As such, the client did engage a retirement planner to draft up a plan that met the following conditions:

REALISTICSet your retirement goal


SUSTAINABLEFind the team that can assist you in achieving them.


FOCUS DRIVENExecute your plan and consistently review it.

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